What is Affiliate Automation?


AffiliateAutomation creates bespoke affiliate marketing plans generating income for merchants. 



The company is made up of a group of experts who specialize in web design, online marketing, systems construction and management, database construction and maintenance.


The company is the result of project collaboration over the last 5 years and has developed sites and integrated systems. This in many cases means totally bespoke sites and systems are developed in-house.


Those that can…….do!


Extensive experience in the construction, implementation and operation of a multi-million pound on-line retailing company brings a huge amount of highly relevant experience to the team.





Highly sophisticated analytics, facilitated by the use of “best of breed” software, is complemented by a thorough understanding of the internet.  This expert knowledge has been gained by working within the evolving environment of the Internet over the last decade.


Feedback is constantly evaluated to ensure marketing plans and site development plans are focused and highly geared to produce profit.